TrevoTrend for Tourist Boards

Market your destination at the right time to the right customers.

TrevoTrend for Destination Management

Tourism demand shifts all the time. Without data it's very difficult to market your destination at the right time to the right audience. TrevoTrend helps you to optimize your marketing spending, to track and prove its success.


What are the advantages of using TrevoTrend?

Past Performance

Is your destination in stronger demand than last year? Did your last campaign have any effect? Was it more successful in Bremen or in Hamburg? Did you grow market share against a competitve destination? Get neutral, data-driven answers to your most important questions.

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Forward Demand

When does demand for your destination start to pick up? What does demand for similar destinations look like? When is the best time to lauch a marketing campaign? Get daily, weekly or monthly updates on how demand develops.

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Actual Audience

Is your destination more popular with singles or families? What class of hotel, accommodation and mealtypes are they looking for? How is your mix different to a comparative destination? We can answer these and many other questions with ease to help target the right customers.

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Our prices depend on whether you'd like a standard or customized report. Each are taylored ot your whishes and priced by time and material.

Standard Report

Do you want to start making up-to-date, data-driven descisions? Start with our standard report. It contains demand information on your destination and its competitors. The standard report also shows how demand changed to last year and what your customer split currently looks like.

Download a Standard Report

Custom Report

Want to dive deeper and get insights into specific travel times or customer segments? What destinations are families leaving from Frankfurt looking for over the Christmas holiday? Did your outdoor campaign in Berlin in March have any effect? We're happy to do a custom analysis for you.


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