TrevoTrend for Hoteliers

Is your hotel in demand in Europe's largest travel market?

Analyze demand and prices for your hotel and your competition.

TrevoTrend for Hoteliers

To successfully market and price your hotel rooms, you need to know what is going on. TrevoTrend helps you to make data-driven decisions based on up-to-date information.

You can use our analytics to improve your marketing and yield in Europe's largest travel market.


What are the advantages of using TrevoTrend?


What's it like to work with TrevoTrend?

Revenue and Yield.

Compare real prices and availability. See actual prices as charged by tour operators for packaged trips and direct bookings.

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Sales and Marketing

Don’t guess. Make decisions based on actual customer demand in Europe’s biggest travel market. Target the right travel times and customer segments. Find out immediately if your marketing had any effect.

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Are you currently in a last-minute market? Have early bookings for next season already started? We show you which travel times are in demand, for your hotel, your destination and the competition.

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Where are my guests coming from? We show you on a map if you have more demand from Munich or from Hamburg. This will help you to optimize your sales team.

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Don't miss out on demand. Identify demand and pricing trends for your hotel early. Compare your demand and price with every other hotel in your destination.


Improve your hotels' ranking in the fvw Hotelometer. The Hotelometer is a ranking of the most in-demand hotels in several destinations, powered by our analytics.


TrevoTrend's product management tool is used by these tour operators and organizations who whish to optimize their product offering.

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Our partners are Traveltainment and Amadeus. Together we analyze the largest set of structured data on the German leisure travel market: several million booking request per day from travel agents and big travel websites.

TrevoTrend is a member of the German Travel Association (DRV).



  • Analyze demand
    from Germany

  • Compare with all competitors from

  • Number of Hotels *

  • Number of Rooms *

  • Number of Users *

  • * upper limit



  • Same Region

  • 10

  • 1.000

  • 1

  • 890€ / month

    (1-week free trial)


  • Same Region

  • 30

  • 30.000

  • 3

  • 2,400€ / month

    (after 2-week free trial)


  • Same Country

  • 100

  • 100.000

  • 10

  • 6,200€ / month

    (after 2-week free trial)

* All prices are VAT exclusive.


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