TrevoTrend for Tour Operators

Offer in-demand trips at optimal prices

TrevoTrend for Tour and Flight Operators

In 2014 we started with a simple idea: what if tour operators could focus on products that are actually in demand? First, find out what the market demands, then improve your product to meet that demand, then optimize your prices. Instead of essentially working the other way around.

This simple idea has grown into a powerful product and revenue management tool.


What are the advantages of using TrevoTrend?


What's it like to work with TrevoTrend?

High Level: see how your products are different.

How is your product mix different from the market average? The pie chart on the left shows the markets destination demand mix, the pie on the right shows your demand mix.

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Tendency: what happened so far.

Our Tendency view looks into the past and shows you how your market share developed in the last few weeks and months. Not just by itself but relative to the overall market.

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Trendgraph: the look ahead.

Our Trendgraph looks ahead and shows you the most popular departure periods. In addition, the lines tell you your average price and that of the market.

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Pricing: Supply and Demand in one picture.

The Pricing-View shows the historic demand curve along with your market share and the corresponding average prices. In combination it shows what effect price changes had in the market.

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Data Quality and Price Stability

When there a differences in performance or your market share, problems with price jumps or during data production might be the reason.

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TrevoTrend's product management tool is used by these tour operators and organizations who whish to optimize their product offering.

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Our partners are Traveltainment and Amadeus. Together we analyze the largest set of structured data on the German leisure travel market: several million booking request per day from travel agents and big travel websites.

TrevoTrend is a member of the German Travel Association (DRV).


Highly complex analyses but a very simple pricing model.


  • Demand Analytics

  • Hot Hotel- Lists

  • Price- Alerts via Email

  • Advanced Filtering

  • Data Export

  • Cross-brand Reporting

  • Number of Brands

  • Number of Destinations

  • Number of Users

  • Number of Filters

  • Contract Duration

  • Support via Email

  • Support via Phone

  • Ideal for:
  • Price/Month


  • -
  • 1 Brand

  • 1 Destination

  • 1 Users

  • 10 Filters

  • 3 months

  • -
  •   Analyzing new destinations
  • 1,350€ / month

    (1-week free trial)


  • -
  • 1 Brand

  • All Destinations

  • 10 Users

  • 100 Filters

  • 12 months

  • Optimizing prices and products daily
  • 4,450€ / month

    (2-week free trial)


  • 3 Brands

  • All Destinations

  • 30 Users

  • 300 Filters

  • 12 months

  • Enterprise-wide reporting
  • 12,500€ / month

    (2-week free trial)

* All prices are VAT exclusive.


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